Short review of Mega Man X3 on Sega Saturn

I finally got to play the last version of Mega Man X3 that has eluded me; the Sega Saturn version. And its weird.
First of all I’m going to compare it all the way with the PlayStation version, as I’ve played it more than the SNES or Collection version. There’s nothing much separating Saturn version from the PlayStation version, but there are few. First of all the game runs with frames around the edges, and these frames change with every stage. For example, Bilzzard Buffalo’s stage has slides of ice, and Toxic Seahorse has plumbing. It’s a nice touch. SS version also has slightly worse sound effects for a reason. The charge sound in PSOne version simply has more oomph that SS version lacks. I don’t know why this is, but its the first real difference outside frames that jumped out.
Both version have that horrible quality FMV video. Luckily Western releases used completely another opening song than Japanese version. I’m not a big fan of One More Time, it feels so out of place. This also began Capcom’s use of pop-songs in their Mega Man game intros. This is the worst of them.

Both games are identical minus the mentioned. SS has slightly longer loading times, but that might be my own machine. I prefer SS controller, as it felt much better in my hands. Control, as always, is tight. Basically identical to PSOne version. Playing this game with arcade controller adds a strange depth to it, if you want to try it out.

To tell the truth, don’t bother trying to hunt either PSOne or SS version, unless you’re a collecting nut like me. SNES version will always stay as the one people will talk about, but the updated versions blow out of the water in every area that counts. Luckily they used the PSOne version of the game in Mega Man X Collection.
Only if they had used SS version of Mega Man 8 in Anniversary Collection…

Thumbs up all to those if they noticed a small trivia in this post.

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