Microsoft’s E3

Remember when Nintendo told us that their newest console, the Revolution, was going to have motion controls? The first idea that came to everybody’s mind after sex games was swords and Star Wars. How awesome would it be to have your lightsabre and fight against other characters. The Wiiremote is more or less built for sword fighting.

And then nobody made games using the Wiimote. Not even Nintendo.

What happened? Wii has untapped potential that no developer wanted to use. The reason is that makes people actually work something that means in games. If creating games is art, then it’s similar art to those that make utility items. You wouldn’t use a fork that had a spiky handle. You wouldn’t want to play a game that had bad controls.

Designing a good set of controls, and a good fork, takes effort, time and work. If creating a game is creating art, it should follow the ideology of an artisan; whatever you make, make it user friendly and work your ass off to please the customer. I’m not talking just about the controls, I am also talking about everything games have. In the end, no company served their customers completely in this generation. No company used Wiimote’s capabilities because it would’ve taken some effort. Rather, they’re trying to create the same games for the Kinect that had existed in blueprints for the Wii.

I wonder why. None of these games are aimed at the audience of Xbox 360, for the self-proclaimed “hardcore” gamers. They bought the console for FPS games, for Halo, and not for dancing games, they bought their console for the dumbed down PC games. Today we saw many games that are made solely based on the interest of the creators, not based on the interest of the market. We never wanted weaker and “womanly” Lara Croft, we wanted her to stay badass and strong. I can’t get over how cinematic and flowing the teaser was. It was like sitting in a movie theatre and eating popcorn while watching a subpar action flick.  If you thought that’s a good idea, then watch a movie and sell your games. Kinect represent those values that will be the undoing of games. All the games on Kinect has to let the players compensate for the lag it has, all the games have to be slow that players can move with the given pace, all the games have to be unchallenging so that the players might have a reason to keep playing the game.

Kinect games should be insanely hard and train the players to control their bodies completely. Just like players had to train their hand-eye coordination to beat the first games in the Arcades and on Atari and NES. Without pain, there’s no gain. Not to the players, not to the developers.  The audience isn’t retarded, so why to make retarded games?

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