Sony and E3

Sony is pushing 3D TV’s and 3D gaming down the player’s and viewer’s throats. Even film audience is getting tired of 3D films, mainly due to the price, quality and eye fatigue. “Gamers are the first in adopting new technology” said Sony representative. In what area exactly we are first to adopt new technology? What technology are we even talking about? Artificial limbs? Sony’s going the same route with the PS3 that Nintendo went with 3DS. It won’t be successful, not at least to the company. They’re enforcing the 3D with their PlayStation branded TV. $300 bucks for the console, $500 for the TV and lord knows how much for the controllers and the other pair of glasses.

Other than that, I’m slightly hopeful for the PlayStation Vita. It’s as expensive as 3DS, but it has better values as a handheld console. It’s still a bit expensive, especially considering Sony decided just to do change $ into € without any consideration how Europeans would react. I’m not buying this one until its price drops significantly.
Just like the 3DS, PSV is not worth it.

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