Sega Saturn

My past with Sega Saturn is filled with conflicts, love, hatred, lust, compassion, tears and most of all, joy. Unlike most consoles, Sega Saturn has perhaps the best controller for fighting games. That is, outside arcades. Yes, the six button controllers with their perfect D-PAD feels just right for tournament 2D fighters. The two extra buttons most likely always confused the Tekken crowd. It’s also great controller in general. The machine’s itself a clusterfuck of technology that nobody wanted to program for, but those who mastered it made some damn fine games overall. Bulk Slash is one of my personal favourites.

But the games make the machine. No game system has ever stood on its own just because of its specs. Bulk of Saturn’s games were arcade titles, which sold moderately only in Japan. In the west they tried to push the 3D out as much as possible. Stupid choice.

My first Saturn has been with me barely a year and it’s basically bust. It has strange effect to play video at normal speed while audio is about 2% of its intended speed. It sounds creepy. It might have something to do with electricity leaking from modifications, but that’s something I can’t do anything about. I’ve just bought a new used Saturn. It’s an Asian model, white like the Japanese one. This one will get the better modchip and needs no herz modifications. I just hope I do not need to flash its BIOS files.
I love my black Saturn like I love all of my important consoles I’ve invested time and care into. I always hate to see electronics breaking down, especially when their time isn’t up. Sega Saturn is a console that took a lot of my time, a lot of my money, and especially took a lot of pain during time when I wasn’t my best. At that time I wanted to make myself to learn something, and with Saturn I learned more about soldering and electronics, and how delicate and sturdy they are at the same time.

And I learned of Segata Sanshiro more deeply.

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