3DS Price drops and offers compensation

Nintendo has decided that 3DS’ price of ¥25,000 (~223€) will be cut to ¥15,000 (~134€) on August 11. Nintendo is offering people who already have bought the system the 3DS Ambassador Program. You’ll need to have bought or buy a 3DS prior to August 10 at 23:59 to enter the program. You’ll also need to access the Nintendo e-Shop at least once before August 10.

I’m surprised that Nintendo didn’t announce a new model of 3DS while they’re at it. The price of 3DS should have originally been that ¥15,000 world wide, not $250 or 250€. Offering twenty or so free games is insulting. It not only this insults the customers’ investment, but it insults later the 3DS itself. The offered line up consists of Nintendo only games, like Super Mario, Metroid Fusion, Mario Kart, Super Mario Advanced series and the like. The problem is that you can buy a GBA and those all those games cheaper than the lower price of the 3DS if you want to enjoy the games. Nobody wanted to buy 3DS for NES or GBA games, people bought 3DS for 3DS games Most of the early adopters are Nintendo fanatics already own those games and respective consoles. We STILL haven’t seen any real 3DS games. We’ve seen ports of other games and sequels of DS games, or games that originally were developed for the DS. Original 3DS software is rare, and continues to be rare as developers are abandoning the sinking ship like rats.

Wii’s success made Nintendo arrogant and forget how to do real business. Rather, they never knew how to do it after Yamauchi left the company. They’ve been so obsessed about 3D and creativity since the days of NES. Wii U will be similar story to the 3DS. In the next seven years or so when we’ll get a new Nintendo console we’ll see if they learned anything. I doubt that they have.


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