iPad better than the consoles?


Let’s put one thing clear; iPad is a dumbed down Macintosh in a plaque form. This is similar to the fact that both X-Box360 and PlayStation 3 are basically dumbed down PC’s for dumbed down PC games.
It is a myth that ‘casual gamers’ are buying iPad for games. This is a myth created by iPad developers and Apple just as Microsoft is saying that Kinect sells well. Apple wanted iPad to become a stable in office environment. This has failed. Now Apple is trying to punch through a myth that iPad is bought because of games. This is almost insanity. iPad as it is now is not a valid platform for games. It’s a same kind of toy Olli Farshy compared to. While Nintendo’s 3DS price slash does give a bleak future to handheld consoles, PlayStation Vita will most likely colour that future.

So, why are people buying iPad? Mac fans are buying because it’s an Apple device and gadget fans are buying because it’s a gadget with widget with bells and whistles. iPad does work as a sort of mp3 player and offers somewhat good e-book reader. It is pretty good for WiFi device in general, and has its uses. For example, I’ve used it to collect attendant names, thus eliminating the need to convert the paper list into electronic form.
Still, iPad has as many limitations as it has possibilities. Most of the limitations exist because of Apple itself.

Still, is iPad better at gaming than handheld consoles? No, and it’ll never be. People buy a handheld consoles for games and to play games. People will buy iPad for other reasons, and games are just an additional thing to go with it. iPad tries to compete in the part of the Blue Ocean where competition already exists, and it’s not going well. Also, most people might buy iPad for games already own multiple consoles and a gaming PC. Purchasing one platform does not exclude the other.


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