Not even Konami knows its franchises

A quote about Castlevania; Lord of Shadows from Wikipedia;”Similar to the original Castlevania titles, platforming and puzzles are a key component and are featured in fifty levels.” Who wrote this? Castlevania was never about puzzles. Let’s keep in mind that while anybody can type into Wikipedia, some of the information either comes from people working in the company or reporters. This would mean that people making these games do not even know their series.
Castlevania is about arcade action. You advance forward while gaining secondary weapons and destroy any upcoming enemies from bats to Death itself. For fifteen years for now we’ve got mostly Metroidvanias, meaning that rather linear stages you’re playing one big stage, and you can access certain places only after certain abilities have been gained. It’s not a puzzle to find a right item to turn into a fog. 3D Castlevanias usually forget that action is the main attraction in the game series and puzzles have very little do with it.

Granted, I haven’t played Lord of Shadows yet, but it’s on my to-get-for-360 list. What I’ve seen it follows the 3D way of Castlevania, and I don’t find that reassuring.

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