Why people want to make Mega Man evil?

What is it with Capcom and recent Mega Man fandom? The initial proposal for Mega Man Zero’s boss was that the real Mega Man X would’ve been the vile enemy. For years fandom has wanted Zero to slaughter every Classic series character, and now, there has been a “leak” of Mega Man Legends 3 plot. I am quite certain that the following quote is just a fan posing as a laid off Capcom employee.
“The Elder System is Master Thomas, who is the revived form of Doctor Weil, who originally existed as the Doctor Light hologram. He gave X armor to make him constantly fight and slowly corrupt him into a war machine, which is the real reason he abandoned his physical form. In case you haven’t guessed, that wasn’t Doctor Light. it was Doctor Wily.”
Now that’s a TWEEST I say. (Leaked in an imageboard)

It’ll be blunt; making Mega Man go evil is against the series’ soul. In the Classic series Mega Man is an your classical hero character with strong sense of justice. In the X series Mega Man X is the war torn hero trying to find another way for peace, but is always the one forced to use violent solution. In Mega Man Zero you have Zero, the forever soldier with burden of causing literal world wide genocides without his own will. In ZX we have multiple characters that are given great power, and because of that they are mixed with continuing but hidden war against those who wish to destroy mankind. In Mega Man Legends you have a Mega Man, who has lost all of his memories of his past life and lives normal life of a treasure hunter, until he comes up with his past.

Making a good story around Mega Man character is not that easy. The original Mega Man is currently having an awesome comic series by Archie, the same company that did most of the coloured Turtles comics and Sonic comics. Making a story around Zero is piss easy; just make him emotionally distant from a lady and fanboys/girls are wet. Legends series needs some humour and robots and there toy go. ZX characters have been done to death these days. It’s like Spider-Man with robots.
But writing Mega Man X, now that’s something that gets suddenly challenging. You have a character who has, by definition, limitless potential. Writing Mega Man X is like writing Superman without his powers, but with hints that they are there. Seeing how badly Superman has been written throughout the ages by DC, you can imagine how bad job CAPCOM or Mega Man fandom has been with it. I wonder how John Byrne would’ve done with X.

Mega Man X is the most probable character to turn evil. He is, after all, the most human character of them all. Making him evil violates the core of the franchise at heart, and is the cowards way out. It’s no wonder CAPCOM used it. Now let’s assume that the above quote is valid. We can see that it doesn’t only violate heroes of the series, but villains as well. Why would Dr. Wily want to corrupt X? Wily’s sole reason to keep coming after every defeat is rivalry. Dr. Wily wants to be better than Dr. Light on his own rights. Sure, Wily most likely used a version of his Virus in order to rewrite some of the Robot Masters’ core programming, but he never wanted to corrupt something that wasn’t his makings. Using armour parts to corrupt Mega Man X is just completely out of his character! Killing humans is out of his character, as he wanted to rule the world, not kill humans. Actually, killing humans and replacing them with robots is not in his interest. While Wily regards robots superior to humans, he himself is a human that believes humanity to be the master race.

It’s mind bogglingly stupid that neither fandom or CAPCOM realize these points. It’s like giving Batman superpowers. It undermines the character all around.
Now I’m actually pretty happy that we aren’t going to new Mega Man games. Nobody knows how to make one.

Because, y’nkow, Mega Man is for children.

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