I cried today (Goddamn what a terrible title)

Today I finally read Mega Man GigaMix 2, the second book in the GigaMix series and fifth of Hitoshi Ariga’s Mega Man comic.

The following synopsis has spoilers and is intentionally blocky and wooden. I do not have the skill to represent the events in their full scale.

The book opens with with a dark scene in space where GigaMix’s Mega Man 3 took place, on Asteroid Alpha. The asteroid gets shattered to pieces by something white, and something strong. This giant repeats words about destruction of evil and proceed towards Dr. Wily’s hidden island, and literally decimates everything that stands there. Shade Man knocks Wily out so that Shadow Man can take wounded doctor away while he distracts the white robot.
Shadow Man brings Wily to Dr. Light & co. Roll takes care of the wounded Wily and takes him off just as the white giant arrives, instigating battle against Mega Man as he protects evil. After a battle never witnessed in Classic Mega Man lore, the white robot is defeated… only so that the Stardroids, the most dangerous foes in the series, are released from within the white giant.

At this point I staggered. I had to wipe a tear drop off my book. The writing is brilliant, scenes are beautiful and pace is perfect. This is standard Ariga Mega Man, but why did it strike so hard? This is, by far, the best Mega Man story I’ve ever read. It takes CAPCOM’s lazy stories from the games and turns them into a completely different entity altogether. The white giant naturally is Duo in his original form. Using Duo as a prison for evil, ie. Stardoids is something seems simple trick, but in all reality, nobody had thought it before. The battles against Stardroids are completely one sided; out heroes, that is quite literally all the robots in the whole world, are nothing against of the Stardoids. Ariga uses thus far unseen robots from Mega Man 6 here to show them defending their own nations, as well as fan designed robots in massive double spread page, where near hundred robots are going against Terra, the leader of the Stardroids.
All hope is lost. Light doesn’t want his children to fight and suffer any more, but here we see why Wily is his rival: Dr. Wily beats some sense into Light with verbal abuse in order to remind him why these robots where built in the first place. It shows both of their nature and relationship between them. It’s not that Dr. Wily is megalomaniac scientist with wants to conquer the world, he is a megalomaniac scientist who wants to conquer the world on his own skills against the only person in the world who can match him. If he isn’t there, Dr. Wily has no reason to exist; his insane dreams are nothing more than competition, a twisted form of Light’s own dream of peaceful coexistence of humans and robots.

This still doesn’t answer why I began to cry. A great story can make dwelling emotions into a raging storm. This time it wasn’t the story or the art, superb they may be. It was the love towards Mega Man, care towards the story and the characters, the inspirational will that seeps through the pages. It’s all about what Mega Man games are at their finest. It’s all about how Hitoshi Ariga himself sees in Mega Man, alongside with thousands of other people.

It’s love that has been lost in the people who have control over Mega Man. By reading this I realized that Mega Man GigaMix will be the last time when I will have in my hands something that is genuine Mega Man. When GigaMix 3 is released, it will end an era to me. That the is the day when I am cut from all that is to come regarding Mega Man. The series is no more alive and is merely a shell what it used to be. There is only a handful of people who know how to treat the characters let alone the games; Keiji Inafune, Hitoshi Ariga and Iwamoto Yoshiro, and few other individuals. Sadly, none of them work at Inti Creates.

I should feel empty, but I feel content in this matter. I will still have everything that has been made and I can play the games as long as I live and the equipments allow me to. Whether or not the future will provide a new real Mega Man product, be it game, comics or toys, I’ll be there. I wish all the best for the franchise, but I see no future in it as it stands now.

This realization, that something I deeply have loved is now lost because of corporate bullshit, finally hit me.

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