3DS Lite already?

If rumours be true, Nintendo is working on revamp of 3DS. Whether or not they’re working on a Lite version, it’s true that they’re going to have some sort of announcement regarding something when September hits.
Let’s assume that this version is what the rumours tell. Would it really help the 3DS to drop out 3D support and add another control stick? No, it wouldn’t. Sure, it would help developers to port games between PlayStation Vita and 3DS, but why would they want to? They’re completely two different beasts, and porting between them would is like porting between Wii and Kinect games; it simply doesn’t work when the control schemes are completely different, as well as the hardware. It’s not impossible, it’s just unwise as hell. Still, PSVita has no real killer apps at the moment announced, so why would same games sell on 3DS? For no reason. 3DS’ biggest problem is the lack of software from Nintendo, not the hardware, even if nobody wants 3D.

Whatever the announcement might be, I hope it’s something wise. I’ll be there, most likely ranting again.


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