Poor SONY and their delusions

Sony is comparing motion controls with 8-bit game consoles. Sony forgets that the NES was completely obsolete technology when it hit the Western shores. Video games were never defined by their technology, but by the craftsmanship of the developers. The post also shows that SONY doesn’t know its competitor’s consoles at all. They say Kinect reinvented X360, which is load of bullshit, and that motion technology is the very centre of Wii’s technology. They call SONY’s console to be most diverse because they added the motion controls as an option. Wait wait wait, I wasn’t talking about Nintendo this time, so let me correct this; SONY barely knows its own console.
Developer believe that motion technology isn’t used because it’s primitive technology. We all know it’s bullshit. We, as customers, do not want the latest technology. We want good games, and games as with every good game, it demands digital craftsmanship.


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