Microsoft making demands, nobody is happy

Microsoft now demands special treatment from their developers. To be honest, I’m dumbfounded by this, not knowing whether to slap my face or laugh like a maniac. Microsoft sounds like a spoiled brat here.
I understand if MS wants to protect their money. The Kinect has been a disaster thus far and the Xbox division is making loss. They want that their platform has most of content whatever the price. This won’t go down well. Their claim that Microsoft wants the same thing as their customer’s is total and complete bullshit. If they want “quality bar to go up” then they should allow healthy competition between both hardware and software developers rather than restricting them on platform with a hollow competition. This hollow competition will only bring down industry’s quality as a whole.
Microsoft’s demands are only there to fix the shortcomings of their platform. This will either lock a developer to their console and kill the quality, or lock the developer for competing consoles where healthier competition still exists.


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