Personal Post; the Army and Me

I never knew my real grandfather, I only knew a person I still regards as my grandfather. I knew my other grandfather well and most likely I will grow to be much like him in body built and character. I know my both grandmothers and I knew only a little about my great grandmother. I only wish I’ve had enough courage to meet her face to face at the hospital beds when I was child. A regret she most likely would like to go away.
My father isn’t what I’d call militaristic, but he values army for the same reason his mother and my grandmother does; the war with the Soviets. While the war has left both of them rather hateful towards out Eastern neighbour I never grew up into thinking so. The two of them basically gave me a patriotic upbringing, even when my father never were there when I truly needed him the most. Nowadays I have little trust or respect towards him, but I am starting to value his sight regarding the army.

I hate to be here right now. I makes my heart ache. The five days I spend in the army wasn’t just an experience, it was an experience I will keep close to my heart. I’ve been hearing a lot about how I got brainwashed in the army during that time, but in all reality, it all was there already.

I am, in my heart, a person who wishes to do good for others. I am a servant for my friends, loved ones and for my nation. I would do anything for those who I value, and I would indeed help those whom I do not.
If it were so, I’d be one of those men who would fight to ensure that you, dear reader, would keep everything you have.

I feel that it’s not right me to find a way not to go into the army. I do know that army doesn’t another near-crippled man in their ranks. I am no super-soldier and I will never be. There must be something a man like me can do for his nation, no, for his friends.
I do not want to grasp a gun to kill, but I would gladly be the one who would craft the weapon for self-defence. 609195 was my bride’s name for a short time.

I regard my short time in the service to be valuable; I met nine young men with whom I was glad to serve with that short time. These nine men will be a shining example if they do well; they were compassionate, understanding, lazy, hard working, intelligent, dumb, friendly… everything a man can wish from his comrades. I only wish I am as good as them.

For me, to serve the nation is to serve all those I love. I’ve never wished anything more.


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