Simple reason why 3D Zelda feels empty

Eiji Anouma, the current head of the The Legend of Zelda, has never finished the original gold cart game. This man, by all means, should have nothing to do with the Zelda series. He can’t play Super Mario, he can’t play Pac-man, he can’t play anything that has anything that demands something that resembles reflexes.
I’ll be blunt; Anouma should’ve never touched Zelda series. His disinterest in action-RPG genre doomed all the Zelda games to become merely puzzle solving dungeons with something that you might think is a story. The whole game play skeleton, the most basic structure of the series, was buried when carrying chickens and cutting grass became more important part of the game that fighting enemies. The worst part is that Anouma doesn’t want to make a Zelda game.

“Certainly after playing the original Zelda for the first time, I didn’t ever think that I wanted to make a game like that.”

What Zelda series needs is to get rid of Anouma fast and give the series to somebody that doesn’t hate it, to somebody who would make it love its roots like Ys series has done. It’s no surprise that Nintendo’s games have been dropping in quality for some time now (since the SNES if we want to be exact) when the lead personal are unwilling to make games that they’re supposed to make.
It would also help if you’d make games that customers want. Nobody asked for Other M.


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