Miyamoto showcases how he intends to destroy Mario franchise.

Interview with Mr. Miyamoto, Super Mario 3D Land.
Why won’t he make a game that the market wants? Super Mario 64 failed to get the 2D Mario audience, as did Sunshine and both Galaxy games. People who know Miyamoto are the ones who are really in the game culture, but to mass market he is a nobody, an unknown face who has no weight behind him.
In the video he just talks he tries to get the 2D mechanics into 3D realm, but he doesn’t talk anything about the game’s content; he doesn’t give any reason to buy this game. The mission of this game seems to be to get the 2D sales to a 3D game. He says that 3D Mario is harder, and we all know it’s bullshit. 3D Mario isn’t harder, it’s just more boring than it’s arcade 2D brethren. The more Mario games go away from the arcade roots, the more boring and stupid they get.

Miyamoto is a manchild going against the mass market. 3D Mario is the “hiptser” crap people pull.

Also, Mario isn’t 26 six years old. First Mario game was in the arcades in 1983, and even before that if we count Donkey Kong as a Mario game.

People do not remember Mario because if the 3D games. People remember Mario because of its 2D games, the Mario games that ever really mattered.

Above: They forgot that their own worker, Anouma, who is the head of the current the Legend of Zelda series, has trouble playing any game that demands pushing a button to jump

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