The promising game industry

It’s a very good question whether or not the game industry is going to keep growing as fast as it has. During the last few years we haven’t seen much new content in games. The machines we play on are irrelevant; it’s the games. However, the lack of compelling games is making customers pirate more games. The industry refuces to aknowledge the message. If they would notice what is going on, would it change the gsmes we’re having? The answer is no. The industry still is believing the fallacy of free artistic liberties.

This will be the main reason why games will rise on price and ultimately bring on the second crash; the game developers are not catering the audience they should, but themselves. They’re making trophee games, games that won’t bring the money home. Just as books that writers are making to themselves won’t sell, the same games won’t sell. This applies in any market.

This is why the game market will meet a certaim crash in the future unless something drastically changes. New game developers are learning to be artistic and disregard whatever responsibilities they have to the people paying for their product. The customers are god, never the developer.
When the industry comes tumbling down, the modern developers won’t notice it at first; they will dismiss it until they lose their jobs. I doubt that this time a new Nintendo will rise. There is no company at the moment that targets the Blue Ocean. The game market would indeed grow if a new, proper and dsring company would rise with a new console that would just do that.
Otherwise, the market will come crashing down in the future rather than keep growing.

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