Charade of Steve Jobb’s legacy

First of all; Steve Jobbs was a good a decent businessman. He believed what the industry began to believe, and that was the the myth of Jobbs.
Let’s take a look at Jobb’s past, and we see that he began with Atari under Nolan Bushnell, a man we can all thank for any form of real gaming form. Jobbs learned everything from Bushnell from design to business, and everything Jobbs has done has stemmed from his Atari years. Jobbs’ career has been a failure in the broadest sense, as he did not top his mentor.
Jobb worked on the first Apple computer that was built around to play a version of Breakout. From there every Apple product has been built around certain core idea, much like a gaming console. However, this approach does not work for home computers as we’ve seen through the years. Quite honestly, there’s nothing wrong with iOS, but anything that can be done on it can be done just as well on Windows based system. Jobbs offered an alternative, an alternative some people chose, but they’re more or less suffering because of this.
The computer industry belives that some day computers will be integrated to our daily lives completely and work with us 24/7. They lashed against Atari and Nintendo because they aimed comletely different approach and way of integration, and succeeded. The computer industry decided to ride on Sega, Sony, Microsoft and now Apple to find the one that would integrate computers to our daily lives. What Apple has done, what Steve Jobbs did, was to take old technology avaivable at the market and use it in a new way. This is business and design 101. Steve Jobbs, as unlike they claim, never succeeded in his aims. He never could create the system people wanted to take their own. Bill Gates has a system that people want. Windows wouldn’t be so popular if it wasn’t good. People wouldn’t have bought Atari if they didn’t see value in it.

While I agree that Jobbs did a decent job in his field, he never revolutionised anything. He always made an alternative that some used and some keep using. I have nothing against the person himself, but the lies and phallacies people throw around him. Steve Jobbs has a legacy, but the real legacy hides underneath it all.

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