Nintendo showcases their sickness

This game looks like it was made with high budget to accomplish nothing. It’s like they wanted to make ironic showcase about their massive obsession on 3D.
Pretty much everything is wrong here; the gameplay, the world, the power ups and perspective. We even got the retarded version of P-Wing that teleports the player to the end-stage flag. That is NOT the point of the P-Wing! Miyamoto has been losing his touch as technology has given him the possibilities to realize his wish to make a totally 3D game. The industry, much less Miyamoto, is wrong when it comes to games; the Internet, ie the customers, are right. The 3DS practically has market monopoly and it doesn’t sell. 3DS is far too much alike with PSP than with the DS, and will in the end face the same end. You can bet that you won’t see much Nintendo products on 3DS anymore because the Wii U is in the horizon. While Nintendo and their circlejerk friends might think that a game and /or a console has three years life span, WoW basically trashes their idea of this for still being the biggest RPG out there, and most likely will continue to be so for at least five years from now on. The industry can’t understand why WoW’s service has such a large userbase when they simply refuse to acknowledge what their customers demand.

Sadly, we’re in a situation where customers are not demanding enough and are willing to spend their money for almost literal trash. These three last generations of video games have been going downwards worse that we, then the new generation, could see. Looking back at the history of games we can see few points of interest, namely Atari and Nintendo. It saddens me that this current generation of games at this state. We’ll just have to see how low the industry can go.

So yes, I am greatly disappointed in Nintendo.


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