It’ll take me another year to learn to write that year on paper. I won’t go on about MuvLuv this time thou, as we have to discuss why PSVita is failing even in Japan.

PS Vita sold 320 000 units on its first week, which is not a bad number. However, the second week it sold only 72 000 units. In comparison, Nintendo 3DS sales went from 370 000 to 210 000 during its two first weeks. This is not surprising. Both consoles pale in comparison how the GameBoy or the DS sold thou.
Sony always had a fluke when it came to console game markets. By all means and purposes, Sony is a computer firm and their main products are everything else than PlayStation. PlayStation came into the markets at a time when both big names were weak after the 16-bit console era. Seriously, if you didn’t notice afterwards (or during) how the quality of the games went down during SNES and MegaDrive, take a closer look. Games became more derivative and games were more clones of each other than the previous. When the PlayStation hit the scene, it got into the proper place where consumers were looking for an alternative, a cheap and accessible alternative.

While one Alternative kills, it may open window for a Final Extra, or perhaps even for an Altered Fable

Sony really knew how the console market runs. They managed to get a good amount of loyal customers during the first PlayStation era from Nintendo and Sega. The PlayStation 2 basically created the Japanese DVD market overnight. It was the cheapest DVD player at the time, and with PlayStation 3’s Blu-Ray Sony wished to replicate the same success. Same with PSP and UMD format. However, at some point Sony forgot to make a game console. PSVita has no new format to introduce, not that it matters really. It has loads of gadgets in it that people don’t really seek in a handheld console. It sells lower price than 3DS originally, but it just doesn’t have games to drive it, and that what matters the most.

The writer at Forbes doesn’t really know what he is talking about. He claims that Amazon Kindle Fire is with direct competition with PSVita, much like how cellphones once were in direct competition with GameBoy Advance. We know that this isn’t so. People do not purchase Kindle or iPad to play games; they buy them to read books and use them in more utilitary manner. While the writer believes that Japan is the last place for portable gaming, his belief is wrong. We just need a good portable console with proper games as a driving force. No console succeeded without games. He argues that the portable console market may now have entered an age of permanent, slowly accelerating decline. This can be said of the video game industry as a whole, but portable gaming isn’t dying; it’s in a crevice where both Nintendo and Sony has thrown it into.

I was going to agree with him that the general consumer doesn’t care for 40h+ games, but then went and used the word “casual gamer.” The general consumer has always been into more arcade game experience than computer game role playing epics. Console gamers especially have always been looking for more console games rather than another Doom clone.

So, the reasons why PSVita isn’t selling is as follows; it doesn’t have games to drive it, the pricing is a bit iffy and having a 3G connection in a game console makes very little sense. The PSVita game cards look nifty thou, even if the packaging is horrible piece of garbage.
Most of all it’s the lack of proper games, and the disinterest that it creates in customers. Developers should emphasize the games that people play in their consoles rather than every other functionality. While I know it’s somewhat ironic me to say that it’s stupid to buy a console to run home media, I’ll still say it. So, Daironeri, buy that LG BD player rather than PS3.
If and when PSVita gets some good games that are made for hand held gaming, then it’ll pick up.

Happy new year for all my readers. Enjoy the snow if you have that. Just let me take some more of this good, sweet medicine…

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