Metapost time. Next time an actual post with content.
Talking about this blog now that it’s almost a year since I began writing. To be specific, the anniversary is still more than a month away, but there’s things that I can’t really put that far off.

I never claimed to be a good writer to anybody or that I particularly enjoy it. I don’t even remember the original meaning of this blog. I guess it was to clarify different matters to myself most of all, to take a look at video games from completely another angle, as well as anything else I might write. Perhaps I should be sorry that this has become a personal blog in an increasing numbers, but as I’ve noticed, things tend to change. During these last six months a lot has changed, and I’m afraid the pace of change is going to affect the blog as well.

I never claimed to be good writer. I love making stories and relive them just before I fall in sleep. It’s something I’ve done since I was a child. Imagination is a wonderful thing to have, but I’ve been in trouble because of that many times around since grade school.
When I started writing this blog I didn’t care if people read this or not. Things didn’t pick until after the summer, when I started actually writing almost weekly. I was happy if my blog got three hits a day, or ten in a week. There’s around 15 hits with every new post. Sometimes nearly 30 and that kinda makes me smile the big way. It seems that my aim of 1000 words per post is serving its purpose quite well.

I do like writing even thou I’m horrible at it. No, not horrible, but lazy as hell. Missing word here and there, a lot of jumble and mumble overall and all that. I should read these posts every time before posting to ensure that there is minimal amount of errors. Well, yeah. I believe that content is more important than the proper form so sue me. (That’s no excuse and I know it.) I’ve come a long way thou, and I would argue that my writing in general is getting somewhat better. I’ve got some nuances I’d like to get rid off, but they serve a purpose I… most likely.

Hardest part in writing is two pronged; the subjects and the time. I’d really like to write more about general design and culture, but recently (read; three months ago) I fell into trap of video games I haven’t really climbed out yet. Video games are an easy subject for me, and while I have three or five different drafts going on, it takes time to post them because of the research for them takes so fucking long. It doesn’t help that I should be working at the moment, and that I run every other day thanks to a legless girl.

So what I’m trying to convey here that this blog has changed during the past eleven months from barely updated to frequently updated to whatever it is now. Most likely I’ll try to make a post once or twice a week from next week on. This weekend I should finish a draft that I’ve trashed few times around, so keep looking for that. Things are changing, and I want to see how it keeps changing. Not just inside this blog, but out there where I can cough my lungs out and sing about space battleships to crows in the harbour. While I’m conscious of my English in general, I’m letting it go as I am letting go of other similar things.

A dear friend of mine once said that I’m slow to warm up. I wonder what she’d say to me if I she were to see and hear me now face-to-face. I just might actually take matters at hand and just say “yes” to a person. But before that I need to fetch a package from post and sort out loads of images without proper guidance.

I want to thank all of my readers at this point, even thou it’s not the anniversary yet. Perhaps I’ll cook something special when it comes. What was the point of this post again?

Also, notice I gave in and added visual novel category. Next time a hardware review perhaps?

I always listen to her advices. I must attack more nowadays anyway

Actually I might start living in a clean apartment for once.

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