RIP Noboru Ishiguro, 1938 – 2012

Within thirty days we’ve lost three major contributors of modern fiction from all over the world. First, McQuarrie, then Mobius, and now Ishiguro.

Ishiguro was the co-founder of Studio Nue, which is best known for the Macross series. Before this Ishiguro had worked on the first coloured Tetsuwan Atom series and Uchuu Senkan Yamato. The man always had his own way of directing, and it oozes through every show he has done. There’s this style that can be retraced, but never replaced.

It just happens that I was watching Megazone 23 just now, a movie he as well directed. It’s a bitter thing really, even thou everything about it is so sweet.

Rest in peace Ishiguro, let the young ones arm themselves and and create new classics in your spirit.

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