Ubisoft, Nintendo, what the hell is this?

Rayman Legends’ trailer was leaked. It’s not impressive. The trailer, which Ubisoft stated to be for internal use only, tells quite a lot about the WiiU… and about current game developers.

First of all, let’s dismiss the game and the console itself. The actors are what struck me. They’re overacting, but if you visit any game related forum, you’ll see that a current real world player is like that. They get easily excited, but rarely pull anything through properly. However, this isn’t as important as what the actors look like. Why are we seeing nerds play these games? We, the customers they already have, don’t have a need to see ourselves playing the game on the screen. There’s no reason to out us into the fray. We are not interesting marketing ploy, nor successful for the matter. If Ubisoft knew how to market their product, they’d put rich people with Master of the Universe like proportions to play these games. Neckbeard nerds are not interesting ploy to get customers, they’re not people we want to be, especially if the customers are already like that.

For countering example, the Wii commercials were good. Customers didn’t identify themselves with the parents the nice Japanese business men met. People were acting like the business men. You and Me bought the Wii so that ‘we’ could play it with our friends. You and Me bought PlayStation 3 so that ‘I’ could play it. An advertisement should have something that we, the customers, want not only to have, but to be as well.

Then, how about the game itself?

This screenshot shows why I never bought Rayman Origins either. It looks empty and uninteresting. Over 80% of the screen is unused. There’s very little to do or see, a matter which has depressed modern games in general. Feel free to show me zoomed-in screens with loads of cannon fodder enemies if you must.

Rayman Origin, and now Legends, are what artistic people produce. One of the Origin’s selling point was that they had artists working on the game and it’s world. Artists should just stay making character designs and backdrops, not the game itself. To make a game a 2D throwback and putting your customers into a nostalgic trip doesn’t make your product good. You need to make it good. People value good products, not artistic products.

I believe that Rayman Legends’ trailer was leaked on purpose to cause a little bit commotion in the industry, and in the customers. However, I hope most of the viewers do see deeper than what the trailer shows. There are new playable characters, and we’re only shown one. Are the rest in-development, or DLC? Why did Ubisoft decide to use geeks in the trailer? To make the customers identify with them? Why make us want something that we already are? It seems that Ubisoft, and the general industry at large, thinks even less than this. If we’re lower than your normal street walker in the developers’ mind, the industry’s going to fall down. No industry has any room to rise above the customer. The customer is the alpha and the omega.

Then there’s the gimmick, the one Nintendo’s going to unveil at some point at the future; the Near Field Communication of WiiU.

Now, let me ask you this; who gives a damn about this, or rather, why should you give a damn about this?

Near Field Communication has become increasingly cheaper during the last years. iPhone 5 will most likely use it, as will bunch of other devices that have no use for it. It’s kind of funny to see Nintendo putting this kind of thing to their console. It tells that they do think that Apple and other similar companies are competing with them, while in reality none of Apple’s products tread the same waters. Apple competes in completely different places where Nintendo does. There’s not direct competition between the two. So why would either company want to wager their machines in the same Red Ocean? To be blunt, it’s because they’re both stupid.

The WiiU is a selfish one-man console. Rayman Legends trailer shows that one person is holding the tablet whilst other people are playing the game with the Wii Remotes. It’s not a selling idea to isolate one person from others, especially in multiplayer game. Imagine playing the likes of WoW, but you’re the only person not allowed to play in a team, but you’re the one there to open doors with a joypad. The reason the NES and the Wii were successful was that it was a console made for everybody to enjoy together. The WiiU is will fail because Nintendo once again decided to do what they wanted, but the customers did not.

Nintendo’s failing as a company. Their obsession in 3D is their downfall once again. Iwata actually said that it’s unfortunate that the 3D televisions are not selling. A wise businessman would deduce that the customers do not value 3D and would pour his resources into something that the customers do value. If you’re Nintendo’s Iwata and Miyamoto, you’ll blame the customers not getting how great 3D is. 3D is the reason why 3DS isn’t selling. That, and the lack of games. Miyamoto’s especially deluded in his obsessions on 3D. Marketing has never been the problem with Nintendo. Everybody knows what their console is capable of and what it has to offer. However, the problem, for Nintendo, is that people refuse to get invested in their consoles. Nobody cared about the 3DS’s in-built programs and demos or the 3D screen. Nintendo’s consoles and games have very little relevance since the end of NES. Not until the DS Nintendo became truly relevant again, and now they’re making themselves irrelevant again.

Nintendo still has that unique place in electronic game industry that they have their roots in the arcade industry, much like SEGA. Nintendo and SEGA had their golden days during the NES era, specifically Nintendo with the NES and SEGA with the Mega Drive. As soon as Nintendo begins to step away from their arcade roots, their stock value falls, and their games and systems do not sell. New Super Mario Bros. sold extremely well, because it was a step towards the right direction. Super Mario 3DS Land did not sell well because it was a step to a wrong direction. How NSMB2 will sell is an open question, as the game is rushed and has little to no budget. Customers value good games over anything else anyone in the industry does. Then why not make good makes and not artistic games? None of the games that have creativity as their basis have sold well.

Earlier I asked why you should give damn about WiiU’s new gimmick? The answer is that you should give a damn about it, as it’s one of the many signs of Nintendo’s plaguing obsession, which needs to be cut down. We’re the customers, we are the one who decided which succeeds and which not. We are god which the likes of Miyamoto and Iwata should serve.

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