I presume most of people have already seen this piece of garbage. At the very end you can spot three words that are the very core of the problems in the gaming industry; creativity, originality and art(istic autonomy.) Game developers are not gods or above the customers. It’s the other way around. There is no way that a customer could cross a line between in criticism to a game developer, or in any other field of service.

If a product is not what the customers wanted in any form, the customer has all the rights to give as strong feedback as they wish that the law allows.

A mark of a falling industry is when it attacks when it attacks their very own customer base. It’s much like newspaper magazines that began attacking their customers in what was or wasn’t news. The video game industry hasn’t grown since the 80’s. If anything, it has gotten smaller. Not by size, but by everything else. If the industry has any wishes to become more adult and more encompassing, it should start serving it’s gods again.

When the gaming was more or less about arcades, the industry never attacked the customers. Nowadays the industry does not want to make games, but stories. They want to tell vast tales of adventure and romance, not make good games. Just because you know how to use a camera does not make you a good storyteller. Just because you know how to use a hammer doesn’t make you a great artisan. Just because you know how to draw doesn’t make you a good artist.

Ultimately, the industry and the gods want to make the same thing; a good game. The industry can’t create one without their gods, and attacking their gods is a misdeed.

Those three words are the Golden Calf of the industry.

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