Monthly Music; The Screamer’s violin

The Screamer (スクリームの人) is an odd fellow. Odd, but pretty cool. He makes videos where he covers different songs with his violin from games and other medias, and on top of it all he is pretty damn good. I’d recommend you to listen his Ys songs, as his violin adds quite a lot to them. He has improved quite a bit since his first videos some years ago, and has managed to create better sound quality. I wish he’d remake some of his old videos just for better quality. I recommend you to check his cover on YouTube: Silver Will, Golden Wing of the Legend of Heroes ~ Trails in the Sky. He really puts his best in there.

However, I chose this song to be featured because of Sorcerian’s connection with the Dragon Slayer series, my way of showing more respect towards the metaseries. The song Desert/ Cursed Oasis is a mellow song on its own, and it flows well with a violin. There’s certain level of sadness in there, a melancholy of memories if you will. Released 1987, Sorcerian was overshadowed by Ys, as the latter proved to be more popular. For a good reason, but nevertheless it’s a bit shame.

The other reason why I chose this song was to ask you to stop for few minutes and just be. Life is hectic as it is. Sometimes it would be a good idea to abandon all that.

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