Third crash most likely imminent

I trust most of you have already read this.

Rarely you can truly trust in the news that the industry gives out. You need to read between the lines. Here we can see that the plummet is rather harsh, but if we look back half a year ago, or even the whole decade back, we see that the plummet we’ve been having has been getting bigger and bigger.

People don’t buy as many games any more. The DS and Wii did manage to attract more customers, and they sold far better than any of their competitors. Even the hardest of the hardcore are starting to wait until the prices get cheaper and more affordable. If people are not willing to pay 60€+ for their games, how can the industry sustain itself?

Developing a HD game is expensive. Game being HD does not guarantee it to be good or successful, it’s just HD. If HD, or 3D, is the thing that customers want then why isn’t the game industry enjoying their most successful period of all time? Why was Wii’s un-HD gaming so successful? Why is Nintendo putting themselves into the camp that is losing?

As for 3D movies, we have these.

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