CAPCOM’s deluded views

Have you seen this? What CAPCOM says here is We didn’t do anything wrong expect released the game in wrong time. The real reason is buggy gameplay that is still being patched, on-disc DLC and day 1 DLC. These things pushed the possible customers away, and people have grown weary of CAPCOM’s ways.

But the most important point why it didn’t meet the two million quota is that it didn’t fill the wants of the audience. We have seen that multiple fighting games can flourish next to each other, but the harsh competition weeds out the weak. Street Fighter X Tekken was a weak game, and it would’ve sold less if we had more decent fighting games in the market. There was no cannibalization, there was just weeding.

If we are to humour us why SFxT failed for a minute, the reason is that it didn’t meet the needs of the customers. While the game seems like mindless fun, it’s not chaotic the right way, like CAPCOM’s Marvel VS series. SFxT’s amount of different systems and mechanics were unbalanced and the Gem System served little to no purpose other than have vague role playing elements for customization, which never works in tournament fighters because nobody wants it. We also have to take account that the roster, while filled with interesting choices, has high amount of stupid choices from both sides. Bad Boxart Mega Man may be the most prominent example, but Rolento is the second character that should go. There are loads of more interesting character that could be used, and if we check the DLC character list, there is a healthy amount of interesting characters that people want to play now rather than some other throwaway character like Craig Marduk or Raven.

The game has multiple problems added to this, but it all goes down that it has very little lasting power, even when you take account how long your usual fighting game lasts in the hands of your normal player. CAPCOM could do better with their next VS crossover game, but most likely they’ll do much worse.

It’s bittersweet to see CAPCOM slowly killing the fighting game scene when they were the ones to bring it back to the general knowledge with Street Fighter IV after long slumber. Street Fighter has a name that every game has to live up to. At the moment, CAPCOM’s failing at it and hard.

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