Every First Person Shooter loses money

Here’s an interesting news. Why developers want to have games that are like Call of Duty if the latest Call of Duty didn’t sell enough?

Rather than that, the reason these games lose so much money stems how much it takes to develop them. HD gaming demands so much money during the development that every game has a tough time to make it even. In Metal Gear Solid 4, Snake’s moustache has as much polygons as your normal soldier in Metal Gear Solid 2. I’ve always asked why. There’s not reason to have such a high polygon count. I would say that the players see Snake’s back more than his face, but I can’t because the game has more movies than gameplay content.

What developers need to realize is that HD gaming is killing what we have left. The other is that they dumbed down PC games are not the way to make money. PS3 and 360 lost to Wii because they were basically PCs with dumbed down PC games. These “hardcore” games are the very thing that’s killing the industry. This unhealthy industry can’t see that they’re slowly killing itself with willing stabs.

As for Timesplitters 4, I would’ve enjoyed it, if it had been in the same spirit as Timesplitter 2. While they’re not the shining example of console games, the second game gave me loads of hours with friends and GameCube. Timesplitters is far from Call of Duty crowd, and changing it closer to CoD franchise would’ve been a deathblow.

I have to say that Ellis’ decision to go into smartphone bandwagon is disheartening, but vaguely understandable when you take account how little developers in general understand the market. Ellis’ is stepping from console developing to PC developing, and we’ll have to see if his set of skills work better there.

2 thoughts on “Every First Person Shooter loses money

  1. are you trying to say that worst graphics are more fun to play ?
    I can’t agree with everything you said,
    I love great graphics but the eyes are getting used to it with time and it looks like every other game out there,

    you are right about one thing though, developers really don’t understand the market, and they will never will, they have the goal of raising the levels of graphics, and playability, they will never change.

    I am an old gamer, I admit it, but I love how games are being developed, like if you know assasin creed, these kind of games are extremely beautiful in any way you might want to test.

    sorry if I wrote too much, great post.

    1. The more expensive the graphics itself, the less the game will make. By concentrating on the content and what you are playing rather what you are seeing both developers and players have more to go with. Indeed, a beautiful game is beautiful, but what’s after that if the game has no content? You’re basically left with a painting in three dimensions. Metroid Prime was in this sense rather successful in transiting the 2D Metroid into 3D (thou it lacked in certain areas) by making the world so that you could explore every nook and cranny and then miss some while still having the overall world small and compact. Because of the exploration it feels vast. The graphics are good, even if you see jags here and there, but the graphics themselves weren’t the end mean as it is with majority of the HD-Twin games. You don’t need good graphics, or high end graphics, to have a good looking game, like Muramasa; The Demon Blade. Muramasa’s graphics are not really good in a sense, but the art direction is what makes the game pleasant to the eyes. The price of HD graphics usually are not only in money, but in the gameplay department as well. There’s also the question whether or not the graphics themselves limit the possible gameplay in some matters. Nowadays developers barely have any limits with what they do, and thus they work in a self-centred vacuum in which they are blind not only to the limits present, but to the wants the customers have.

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