25 years of Street Fighter and CAPCOM’s all about the sequel

This is a nice package. No, it really is and quite cheap, but CAPCOM just keep dropping the ball.

For years now I’ve personally wanted to see a reboot of sort of Street Fighter. By that I really mean that CAPOM should just remake the original Street Fighter properly.

Street Fighter II defined a lot of things, like early 90’s arcade scene and the fighting genre in general. We still need to remember that Street Fighter II would not have been without the original Street Fighter.

I’ve always loved the idea of the original arcade cabinet; those things on the board are punched, and the harder you punch, the harder you attack

Street Fighter is a bad game. The controls are clunky and unresponsive, the graphics are nothing to look at with their washed out colours and the only real thing that stands out is the digitized voices. OK, the sprites are big and have decent animation, but outside those Street Fighter has very little staying. You only play as Ryu, and Ken is reserved to the second player, so every match is a mirror match.

Final Fight was originally named something like Street Fighter 98′, a name which I like, but perhaps it was for the better to distance that game from the lacklustre piece that Street Fighter was.

So CAPCOM, why haven’t you remade Street Fighter yet? My bet is nostalgia. Now imagine what they could do with Street Fighter’s remake; they could make all those idiotic plotholes work (thou Street Fighter IV screwed everything worse), they could add newer characters to the game and remove uninteresting characters from the bunch. Street Fighter’s cast wasn’t anything to mention about, but CAPCOM still has taken Gen, Birdy and Adon from it. Eagle also appeared later, and I have to applaud CAPCOM to create almost stereotypical gay Englishman that’s pretty fun to use in-game.

Street Fighter deserves a remake, and a proper at that. They could make it a throwback game, where the system is dead simple. They could even remove the super moves, and allow only three special moves per character and concentrate on the actual mechanics in the fights. Street Fighter X Tekken was partially failure because of the bad system mechanics, and nowadays every fighting game seems to get more and more complex. I used to play the likes of Guilty Gear on tournament level, a time which I don’t fondly remember, and I’ve learned to appreciate simple mechanics. While Street Fighter IV could be seen as an entry game, I’d argue that a game with even more simpler mechanics would do better in that regard. Now don’t confuse simple with easy or dumbed down. No, simple mechanics need depth, and you don’t necessarily gain depth with complex mechanics.

And the Hyper Combo, while a good as a concept, fails in many regards. Super moves in Street Fighter IV are practically useless, and building the Super Meter takes so long that you will most likely never use one. After all, you can dish out more damage if you use the gauge for EX moves.

…which begs the question; why couldn’t we just have an EX gauge? Oh wait, we already did in Darkstalkers. Street Fighter later on borrowed a lot of elements from Darkstalkers, not a bad thing in general.

In CAPCOM’s mind, they are

Street Fighter IV has been a success, as well as Marvel VS Capcom 3. King of Fighters XIII garnered a lot of attention and positive reviews, and the last few Tekkens and Virtua Fighters were very well received. While SFxT and the DLC fiascos have damaged CAPCOM quite a lot, they could’ve turn everything around and bring back the original Street Fighter and put big banners to announce “THE GRANDADDY OF FIGHTING GAMES IS BACK” or the like.

Remaking Street Fighter properly would mean creating a beginning for a series. As we are not, Street Fighter as a series is the only game series that properly began with the second game. This needs to be fixed.

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