WiiU Pro Controller

I haven’t seen the latest Nintendo Direct yet (came during night here at Euroland) and then I saw this.

Why does this exist? Doesn’t the basic Wii U controller do all what this controller should do? Didn’t Nintendo want us to use the screen? We all know it looks like a mangled up 360 controller with triggers and… why the hell are the button placement like this? Why are the action buttons in a place that strains your thumb more? There’s a reason why the SNES layout has been copied so many times over and adapted to different uses. The controller’s design is cluttered. The buttons and shapes do not flow to each other like they do in 360 controller. Dammit Nintendo, you really don’t want me to buy WiiU, don’t you?

It’s clear that this controller is made for games that simply do not use the tablet controller. I’m sick of paying ~60€ to buy separate controllers for one or two games. I can build my own controller for less (which I did) and use it across multiple systems.

There’s a fear in the back of my head that this controller was made First Person Shooters in mind. The stick placement is that haunting.

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