Minus 7 days till Total Ecplise

There’s a trouble brewing in my head. I love Muv-Luv because of what the trilogy is, and even if I love giant robots fighting against alien invaders, the world where the BETA reside and eradicate where they wander has become far too personal to enjoy it. Every death seems like I’m losing a dear friend and every victory feels like a personal achievement.

Total Eclipse is a side story, and is more prone to certain fan service than rest of the series. Schwarzesmarken is perhaps the hardest to get in as it goes into deep relations in the Middle-Europe and the situation there with the likes of Stasi, while Total Eclipse is almost the opposite with similar premise to Macross Plus. It even has a beach episode! Total Eclipse is also the easiest to get animated, lacking the most of ideologies, political waltzing and basis that the original trilogy used to well to create the world.

In a way, I’m afraid whether or not I can enjoy the series, as the light novels, and the first part in visual novel form didn’t really convince me. Perhaps it’s just that I don’t wish to explore the world where BETA exist any deeper. It’s a cruel world. I can read and explore worlds of many other works of fiction, but none of them have become personal to me.

We’ll see next week.

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