Music of the Month; Star children

Space has always offered new horizons and hope for mankind. With the end of NASA’s space program we’ve been robbed of that hope. In time of war and distraught hope has always been the greatest weapon to have, and nothing will ever top children and stars and the bringers of hope.

In the grand scheme of things, the humanity will not survive unless we are to migrate into the most hospital environment known to man; outer space. Otherwise we will either kill ourselves or die when this warm period of current ice age ends. We can not create systems similar to Matrix, as the back limit of our race’s survival is when the Sun burns all of its fuel. Creating Matrix-like environment is stupid anyway. The only solution to preserve the human race, and whatever evolves after us, is to reach towards the stars. For that we need to abandon the costume of children who walk beneath the night sky, and become young ones roaming between the stars, and perhaps ultimately men who live in the universe.

It’s a terrifying and exciting thought. Some day, if we want to live, we need to leave our home.

200 posts BTW. Yay.

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