Koei did a booboo

Imagine this; you’ve been waiting for a new game for some time, and the day it’s released you rush into a store for a purchase. At home (or at bus/train) you open the game and look at the glorious disc/cart. Then you pop it in and the game is not there; it’s another.
And that’s what Koei managed to do; putting wrong game into the disc.

So, Koei released Romance of the Three Kingdoms VIII for the PSP and for some reason the managed to put Romance of the Three Kingdoms VII on every UMD out there. I’m sure it was a human error, and naturally Koei’s doing their best at damage control at the moment. They’ve made a recall on the game and are offering free exchange for the proper game, thou collectors might want to stick with their copies, as I’m sure some idiot somewhere would be willing to pay insane amounts of money on limited production run product with errors. Look at misprinted coins and stamps, for example. Everything has their collectors.

OK, the game’s not new or anything and is released as a part of Classics series of sorts, but that doesn’t make it any less stupid. What if this had been Nintendo or Sony having this problem? The problem would’ve been just as big, but the news and the customers making it bigger would’ve damaged the situation even further.

However, we also have a question rising beneath from this; what lead to the mistake? A valued worked is a valiant worker. Perhaps this is but a hint that the industry doesn’t really value their workers equals.

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