It still lives

So, the game’s not canned. this begs the question why it took nearly a week from SquEnix to respond to the rumours. At least FF Versus XIII will have proper cities if his word is anything to go by.

Nevertheless, the game has been under development so long, that any one of us can already call that it will be at the same level as Duke Nukem Forever. A long development time has never resulted into a good product. As an extreme example see the Space race which resulted in getting man on to the Moon in very short period of time. For contrast, the Furby toys had ten times the technology than what the astronauts had.

Time is a relevant factor in design, and in work in general. Without proper midpoints with set goals you’ll end up with products that has been released late and now ready. Everybody knows this but the game developers. Why are they allowing this kind of bullshit? Managing projects is one of the simplest and basic thing you learn in grade school, and yet these people can’t do that.

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