Sales, reviews and customers

Dragon Quest X didn’t open it’s life on a very bold manner. Actually, to statistics it sold rather poorly. There has been large amounts of people already stating that Dragon Quest is dead and the game has been a failure all around.

However, DQX is a subscription based game and the costs it demands are different. Comparing a game that is sold around 5€ can’t be compared to a game that has a 60€ price tag. That’s just stupid. The monetary gain from these two sales are completely different. When I hear that smartphone game A has sold an X amount of downloads, I can’t help but think that it needs at least five times as much to reach the same sales status as game B that sold as well on a console. Of course, a smarthphone game might have fraction of the budget a console game had, so there’s a balancing factor at which point the company breaks even.

Nevertheless, DQX has inherently problems that are hard to fix, such as a need for an external USB drive and a keyboard. Reviewers, both customer and media based, have panned the game. Still, we can’t deduce much from the current situation because of the nature of the game, and we’ll have to see further in the future how much the game’s overall sales will be through the subscription.

In a large scale, Dragon Quest X isn’t really important game to follow. You should follow the new Super Mario and how miserably it’s failing. Both 3DS and PSVita are going weak, and some have already buried both consoles. I can’t really blame them.

What we can see from DQX as a whole, and in the change of the video game customers in general, is that in the past ten years there has been a change where the customers have become far more self-aware of their own opinions and knowledge at large. There was a time when people read IGN and took its word at heart. It was easy for the companies to uphold legends and tell tales through these channels. However, for some reason, be it the Internet or change in the industry, the curtain which has hold the development and business side of the games has been all but removed. The customers are far more aware how and why certain games are made, what goes on in the development and are not easily lead into believe legends any more. I find this transparency very good as then the industry has to change, and if they change the wrong way then they will fall.

To bring back the curtain that separates the customer and the service, the industry has to start producing good products again. When there’s no need to see behind the curtain, the customer is left with a content feeling with the product. Now, the customer do feel a need to see behind these curtains, because there’s a fly in their soup.

Any industry that thinks that they know better than their customers are in trouble. 3DS was supposed the a new breakthrough because Nintendo wanted to push the 3D. Customers didn’t want 3D and they’re feeling it in their skin now. Sony and Microsoft both thought that it was the machines that mattered, and ended up losing money by the truckloads. Michael Bay thought racists robots and robot testicles were funny, and nobody found them funny.

Same applies in design industry; we need to stop being dicks. We’re not creative gods. And if you think you are above your customers, please remove yourself from the gene pool.

However, there’s strange amount of customers who are nothing less than blind to the industries’ misdeeds and do continue believing the leading information they’re given. Everything has their blind fans. It’s no surprise that the industries wish to cater these fans most, as it boosts their ego and wishes, but then again concentrating on this crowd also shows in the monetary gain and in quality of the product.

Nowadays it’s natural to see bulk of the reviews on many websites to be by the customers themselves. These range from completely useless 10/10 ratings without a thought to a well thought review that put things in proper perspective. Usually the best reviews come out much later on after any product has been released, so that there has been enough time for the reviewer to spend time with the product and reflect on it overall. However, the same can also lead into sort of romancing the image if the reviewer has been biased towards the product from the start.

Sales in general are not as affected by the industry as they used to be. With DQX and the new 3DS Super Mario the customers have been able to tell themselves more than previously simply through observation. There has been more and more customers that are more educated by experience, and this is a positive thing. However, due to the current world’s nature not even the most experienced word is trusted without somebody going [citation needed] on a whim. This is both good and bad; when doing a research sources are important, but when there is someone speaking based experience and wisdom, then sources mean little.

If we the customers, and the people, can’t value voice of experience when making decisions any more, then there’s something inherently wrong.




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