Bioware, we’re the gods to listen

Bioware has proudly again that the industry, and they themselves especially, need to change. According to them the fans want Day 1 DLC.

So. Bioware ignores what the whole possible customer base says and concentrates either on their own opinion, or towards their own small customer base. Do people want Day 1 DLC? No, people want content to be on the disc that the game should already have. In Mass Effect’s case I have to question who the hell was stupid enough to say Let’s put the real ending into DLC format? Why would have they wanted to remove this from their game? They were selling an incomplete game to a full price, because if the game doesn’t its ending, then it’s incomplete. Nobody buys a book, then buy an extra magazine that has the last chapter of the book.

“In our case, when we look at completion rates for our games, consistently less than half of our players actually finish even once.”

Why should it matter to Bioware if the players finish the game? When you’ve made a sale, you’ve got their money. There’s no reason to follow how your product is used afterwards. If players do not finish the game, then it’s their matter, not the company’s. Is the ego of Bioware so huge that every player has to finish their game on their watch?

What Bioware is essentially doing here is that they’re telling their customers’ what they want. Bioware, you’re the peasant. We, the customers, are the gods. If you want your fields to give food, then worship us. Otherwise we’re going to nothing by harsh sun and sandstorms, ravaging your wineyards and killing your stock. We’re the one’s that have the power to say what we want and what we do not want.

Day 1 DLC, or on-disc DLC, is clearly something that the gods do not want.

DLC has always been publisher and developer friendly, and hostile to customers. I have to ask this once more; what makes you get STEAM or Origin, where you have no power over your games? Why would you screw yourself?

Some time ago I got in a debate with a friend about whether or not it was right that STEAM was in complete control of its users’ games. Ultimately he said that he didn’t care. A PC gamer didn’t care. What have we come to when a PC gamer didn’t care whether or not he could access his games tomorrow?

When customer loses his will to care about the product, shit’s going down and in the good way. It’s a downhill road that moment onwards.

If Bioware fans want the DLC so hard, why not putting it in the game and make it complete? DLC nowadays is completely stupid anyway, they don’t add anything to games, the give parts that should already be there. It’s like a puzzle to which you need to buy the missing parts just because.

I’ve bought DLC once and I regret it.

Right now, the problem is multi-fold and extremely complex.

But, it isn’t. Why are used games sales so high? Because people want to get rid of their games. If they would make games that have higher value to the customer, they would stay on their shelves. And to be honest, the used games sales do not cut their revenues, as the product in question has been already sold. The best way to ensure that people buy your product new is to make it worth the purchase by making it a good damn game.

I ask you this; do you want the game industry to take the turn for the better, or for the worse. If you want it to get better, start voting with your wallet and stop purchasing their products until the industry manages to get their heads for their assess.




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