They’re doing it almost right with Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus

Guilty Gear Accent Core Plus is hitting PSN and 360Live on late October. This is much later than I anticipated and I can’t but feel that the new BlazBlue has been reason for this. It’s stupid; why to push BB onwards when GG is the superior of two products and has already larger customer base? Well, the answer might be that BB has also a solid customer base, but these two overlap greatly. Persona 4 Arena most likely took out resources as well, and I’m not completely with that game either.

I find it extremely good that they’re releasing AC+ before updating it to R version. Whatever the R version brings in, be it character balances and s forth, it’s good to show the base product and then evolve it. It doesn’t detract anything from the game, but I can see problems arising when people state that they need to re-learn some things. There’s also the question whether or not the update will be an actual update or will it be DLC. If it will be DLC, then they’re doing it wrong.

I see ArcSys testing Guilty Gear with this game again in and out of arcades. If it succeeds, then I can see ArcSys actually starting to put effort into the next Guilty Gear, which I hope will be Guilty Gear X3 rather than just 3. ArcSys needs to give Guilty Gear same class of budget as they have given to BlazBlue, much like Nintendo needs to give same amount of budget to 2D Marios as 3D Marios have. There’s no reason to treat your most selling franchise like a third class product.

Now, what could they do more right with GGAC+R? Add all the stages from previous games as well as all the musics, as well as characters. There’s no reason to take anything out. All of these do not take anything from the game and only stack on the content. What this kind of release needs is content, and GG does have content that could be used.

In general we could ask why the hell are developers taking out content from their games and not adding them?

But I have to say, that I do love how they added the R into the logo. It stands out, uses good colour choice and most of all does signal a change of sorts.

But seriously ArcSys, it’s a time for a completely new Guilty Gear fighting gamer after this.

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