TWIX has misleading artwork

While I was writing the last post I resorted to many things I don’t usually take, namely loads of energy drinks. I also decided to buy some coffee chocolate as pictured.

Except it’s not coffee flavoured at all. See, that’s a service suggestion. I’ve discussed this with many people, and all of them think that this TWIX wrapping contains coffee flavoured TWIX, and it doesn’t.

Mars, what the hell? This kind of design is far too open for interpretation. Coffee and Twix and nothing more? Couldn’t they add a line along Try Twix with coffee! or something like that? Whoever decided that this was the option to go with needs his head checked. This is horrible visual design and everybody should learn from their mistakes.

And yes, it seems this wrapping did drop sales because the stores here are filled with these, more than they would usually be. I’ve heard that this wrapping might be disappearing, which is good.

But seriously, what the hell?

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