Nintendo, why can’t you make a Zelda game that would sell?

There are two kind of Zelda games; the likes that sell and those that don’t. Zelda is supposed to be system seller, a game that grabs your attention and draws you to a console and convinces you to buy 200€ system plus the game. The Legend of Zelda was one. Link’s Adventure was one, as was pretty much much everything else as well up to the SNES era. We can argue if Ocarina of Time truly sold N64, as the system’s sales were low to begin with. None of the Zelda games have been system sellers since.

And now Nintendo’s putting huge amounts of money, manpower and resources on the WiiU Zelda.

I have to ask this; What are they thinking? Why are they wasting this much resources on an Anouma Zelda title? Anouma Zelda does not sell, because at its core it’s not a Zelda game, but a PC Adventure game.
“The new Wii U Zelda will feature “about the same amount of dungeons as previous Zelda games, but these will be vastly bigger in scope and will be totally different from each other. Some dungeons are so big they’re broken up in 3 parts and will literally take hours to complete”.

Why? Because these Dungeons are nothing but puzzles. Why? Because Anouma can’t make a good action RPG even if his family’s life would depend on it. For Pete’s sake the guy wanted to cut grass rather than play the game properly! Anouma himself has admitted that he can’t even finish Super Mario Bros. Christ, how is this man still allowed to direct an action RPG if he can’t even use simple tactile controllers like the NES’?

Zelda has never been about the dungeons being humongous entities to wander through. Ever since Zelda I the Overworld has played an important role in everything. Game by game the action and the Overworld itself has been getting smaller and smaller, until it got removed completely.

I do not wish to wander in a dungeon for hours. I want to have an adventure, gallop through the fields that have something in them, unlike in every 3D Zelda. It’s laughable that Wind Waker has the best Overworld of all 3D titles because it offers so much to do and see, just like Zelda I had.

They speak of innovation (God I hate that word more every day) and they’re talking (excuse me the figure of speech)total bullshit. If game uses the console’s controller to its fullest extent, it’s not innovation; it’s using the controller to its fullest extent.

You know what was innovative? The idea the Japanese found for playing Armored Core V.

ACV uses pretty much every face button on the controller. High level players found that this way of holding the controller can make your play level even higher; they innovated how to hold the pre-existing controller.

I was disappointed at Nintendo because of Zelda for long time, but now I’m just angry and frustrated. They need to get back to basics, to their arcade roots. That’s where their forte is and has always been. Nine people made the first Zelda, people who had to make a good game. These nine people made the first real action RPG there is. Hundreds of people can’t make the same; the more you have cooks…

Nintendo, I beg of you. Come to your senses.

3 thoughts on “Nintendo, why can’t you make a Zelda game that would sell?

  1. Very interesting take on this subject. I’m just curious as to why you don’t believe Ocarina of Time doesn’t have a good overworld. I understand where you’re coming from regarding endless amounts of puzzles and what not, but most of the 3D Zelda games have great overworlds with a lot of stuff to do in them.

    1. The Overworld in Ocarina of Time is empty. There’s very little to do, very little to see. It’s an uninteresting place that only exists to bridge the areas between temples and towns. In the original The Legend of Zelda majority of the action took place on the Overworld, which was filled with secrets, enemies, mazes and was vast. Exploring it every nook and cranny was an experience and a reward on its own. You could spend countless of hours just wandering around, searching for the next dungeon. In other words, you could have an adventure. Ocarina of Time’s Overworld has barely any secrets, enemies are pretty rare sight outside Peahats and nightly visitors, and only plot-intended places have any sort of interesting stuff in them (thou I’m hesitant on calling them as part of the Overworld as they’re part of different areas of the map.) Link’s Adventure had a great Overworld as well, but after that the part of the Overworld has been diminished all the time because Aonuma doesn’t like it. OoT’s Overworld has nothing in it. It’s an empty field. Twilight Princess has exactly one interesting bit in there, and that’s the small patch of forest with a pond. And yet, there’s nothing in there. TP’s overworld has very little there anyway outside Horse/Hog battles. WW had an interesting thing going on that there’s really quite a lot to do and see, but it’s all pretty monotone nevertheless because of the ocean.
      The Overworld should be part of the adventure, and be an adventure on itself. None of the 3D Zelda’s have a feeling of adventure when you’re moving on the Overworld. The first time you step there, or ride Epona, it feels like you’re stepping into a larger world. Sadly, that feeling soon vanishes when you reach the other side of the map in few minutes without confronting anything.
      If you take a look at Ys games, the Overworld has always been important in them. Unlike in Zelda, the Ys series has kept the Overworld’s importance. Ys’ Overworld has a different point, so direct comparison isn’t completely possible. The first Ys games has much smaller Overworld than first Zelda, but even then it has a lot to do and interesting things to see. However, Ys is much shorter game than Zelda. You could say that modern Zelda has more in-common with the first Ys.
      You say that 3D Zelda’s Overworlds have a lot do in them. Before replying I checked OoT’s, WW’s and TP’s Overworlds. There really isn’t. They’re vast, empty and soulless. There’s nothing to do, and have no adventure in them. Overworld should be filled with feeling of adventure and danger, things to see and things to do. Overworld was a challenge on itself. It was a dreadful feeling to get your ass beaten and dragging yourself to the Overworld just to face another set of enemies until you managed to get to a Fairy Fountain or found enough Hearts. Now there’s no challenge on the Overworld. Well, that goes to modern Zelda overall, and that’s mostly because the Overworld’s role in the games has become so small.
      There is no adventure where there is no exploration or challenge. Modern Zelda lacks both of these.

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