Let’s get this over with

I wonder how many of you have seen two changes in the blog during few weeks? The first one people might notice is that the header has slightly changed, and the new (temporary) catchphrase includes the hint of the other change; less bad grammar. Yes, after a long time of not proofreading my own texts, a gallant friend stepped in and took the role of an editor for me. Her job isn’t anything special, and God help her in the tasks ahead. The Editor has agreed to check on the Big articles I’ve had, so when relevant I’ll be making a sequel posts of sorts to note this.

The content of the blog won’t change. I’m still trying to strive for two posts a week or so, or one longer per week. Subject matters really won’t change, thou I would have liked to create new Pages for certain subjects. Actually, there will be one complete revision of the core of the blog  regarding how it’s maintained and few pages further expanding on certain subjects that need to be up there. In other words, I’m aiming for a bit more quality reading than previously. OH THE IRONY! Oh shut up Jack.

There won’t be any extra authors to this blog for the time being, thou I imagine that the Editor might want to leave some comments here and there in the posts. You can recognise them from traditional square brackets of editor hellos. [Aw, you called me gallant. How sweet of you. But now I think it’s time to get back to the business of writing!]

Let’s talk about statistics here a little bit.
All-time views at the moment are at 13,623 views, which for an unadvertised blog seems somewhat decent. Most visitors per day is 152 which was few days after the latest read-a-thon post. On practical level the greatest visitor amount within 24h has been closer to 180, but due to my tendency of posting late in the evening local time usually breaks how the amount of visitors is counted. Usual daily hits can be anywhere between 45-120.
These numbers are small in comparison to majority of other sites, but still, unadvertised and all that.

Top 3 topics are (unsurprisingly) video games, reviews and culture. They tend to overlap quite a lot.

Most visited individual post is, without a doubt, “This is very small, very large, very precious story about love and courage” with  551  visits. Then comes the Hori gamepad review with some 534 visits and another Muv-Luv post with 490. So there’s really a concentrated audience of sorts out there.

The mean of amount of words used in a post is about a thousand. That’s where I usually aim so that you, the reader, won’t have too much stuff to read. With this I can type those longer posts here and there.

I’ve had visitors from every continent on the planet, except Antarctica, and I’m pleased to see few of my posts being translated via Google Translate. For you Frenchie out there, I do hope that the translation was adequate.

I mentioned how this blog goes unadvertised, and it does. At the moment there’s 41 subscribers, and I thank every single one of you deeply. I also need to thank every one of you who have an RSS feed and weekly check this blog for updates.

Mostly people stumble on this blog via Google image search, thou my username has been Googled a few times since this summer. At least one link seemto exist on one tokusatsu forum and on that board of fourth kind, to which I refuse to post any links personally, but there have been times when somebody brings a post up asking who was behind the post. It’s not secret information, but just something I do not go spreading around there. However, if you feel like sharing the blog or individual posts, be my guest. I’m eagerly waiting for the crushing pressure that more visitors will bring to me.

Let’s get to things that will continue and what will not.
I’ll keep doing “Music of the Month”posts as long as I’m able to come up with new pieces to post. Reviews will also pop up here and there (the next one will be a LaserDisc player review) and to an extent I will try to put more emphasize on the design aspects of things. You won’t see much personal posting any more, but you’ll still see my own experiences in certain posts. I have lessened commented less on current video game news to an extent, but that’s mostly because they’re on the backburner. I’ve got very little to say about things that we don’t have anything proper to get our hands on yet. However, I will soon discuss about Wii U. I’m not really looking forwardto that one, but you never know.

I encourage readers to comment and ask questions. They may lead into more in-depth posts as well as into new posts. If there exists a subject you’d like to see tackled by this talentless stranger, just post a reply.
Quick Edit; this was the 240th post.

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