Self-made burden

I have a horrible memory, this is no surprise. I’m also a fan of certain series that I might have written about.

As such, I do have an excuse not to remember Hayase’s birthday on the 27th of last month. To be honest, I don’t really remember or know these, but seeing how much the series means to me kinda makes me want to step up with the nerd factor. I was reading the Visual Novel, so…

As such, happy (late) birthday Mitsuki Hayase.

I’m going to talk about being a fan from a personal point of view as talking about fans takes a lot more.

I do not personally see my status as a fan obligating me to do anything. I might be a fan of certain TV-shows, but I very rarely feel any obligation of purchasing anything related to the show, including the home releases. One example would be the Simpsons,of which I’ve seen pretty much every episode on TV. I never feltany obligations to buy the comics, figures, games or anything. Eventually I did purchase the first three season DVD sets, but mostly because those seasons won’t ever come out of TV again. Similar situation with Star Trek, but I don’t have any seasons, just the movies.

As such anything I feel I “must” do comes from completely from inside. Thus, whatever burden I have towards any franchise comes from my own wants. Needs as such have nothing to do with it.

Still, who whendo fans say that they need something? On logical level I know that all the merch I have isn’t as important as my love towards the series. Personally I can say that it’s about showing support. I may not be able to tell scriptwriters that I love their work or shake their hands and thank them, so the next best option is to buy some of their products. It’s a political reason, kind of.

But why do I feel a need to wish a fictional character happy birthday? Isn’t that crossing the line a bit? To be completely honest, it is. However, it’s also an excellent excuse to post pretty pictures for me and have some fun with the blog.

I’d like to ask my readers to ponder for a minute why are they fans of certain franchises, and why do they feel to follow those franchises to the extent you do?

Next time will be a meta-post where we’ll discuss about little things that’ll change. Perhaps.


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