Music of the Month; Morai Naki

Usually I wait these posts eagerly. These posts allow me to have a bit freedom from the usual business. However, for some reason I wasn’t expecting this month for some reason. I was actually going to skip this month’s post altogether, but I really can’t. This is my thing of sorts, and I can’t fall back on it. Sure, nobody really reads these posts, but at least I can offer some decent music sometimes, right?

This time let’s listen to some jazz. I like jazz, especially when it’s that noir film kind of jazz that could echo in a dimly lit bar filled with cigar smoke. Then again, I do love acid fusion as well, and just plain sax jazz to boot as well. Kaori Kobayashi is one of my favourite saxophone players, and whatever my mood may be at any given day, I can be sure to like her sound. Kobayashi has pretty large variety in her songs, so there’s no doubts that at least one will always hit me like a speeding car.

Bottoms up people, this counts as a Muv-Luv reference

I’ve always loved brass instruments over all other instruments. Godzilla films may be the reason to this, as they have an excellent brass orchestra soundtracks. Akira Ifukube was a genius when it came to powerful musical pieces, and for a long time he was against releasing the soundtracks, as they’d lose their power without the visuals they were supposed to go with. I agree with him; lots of songs lose their power when they are not presented in their original environment. Without the menacing image of Godzilla and his power, Ifukube’s music would have much less impact. Still, the images are conveyed through his music quite well.

Some upcoming posts that come some time this month; that LaserDisc player review, a returning look at Muv-Luv (as soon as my editor manages to struggle through the big post) and a small discussion about the Muv-Luv Alternative Total Eclipse animation, which has about ten episodes to go as of this writing.

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