“What do you mean you don’t know what I’m talking about!?”

It’s 20th of  October. Happy birthday Suzumiya Akane!

Akane as a whole is pretty interesting character. Well, that’s really an understatement, as she was the favourite character in Kimi ga Nozomu Eien. She starts out as your normal run-of-the-mill happy-go-lucky little sister who knows more about dirty things than you’d imagine (and I’m sure it can be credited to certain someone) and slowly turns into a bitter teen, until she just gets it all out from her systems.

Truth to be told, Akane is a bit generic as a little sister, but she does her part very well. It’s like she’s very tasty vanilla ice cream; it’s really tasty, but it’s still just vanilla. Her over energetic attitude towards anything and everything is a fresh breeze in Kimi ga Nozomu Eien, and she has the best properties of Haruka’s and Hayase’s personalities. Still, she has her own thing going on, and you can appreciate her as she is.

She follows a lot Hayase’s directness in certain things, but she goes completely red like her sister when embarrassed. Expect to get punched to the gut as an extra

After the three years skip we find that Akane has lost some of that overflowing positivity from her life. She’s more determined, more serious. I wouldn’t call her attitude towards life grim, but she clearly takes things way differently than before. At first at least, as Akane gets one of the best arcs in the whole story. Her bitterness is completely understandable in the context; her sister was taken from her, the man she loved basically vanished from her life (thou it’s her father to blame for this, for better or worse) and her most admired person left everything, even Akane. That’s a lot of things just disappearing from her life, and it doesn’t help that rumours of Takayuki and Hayase having an affair are true. In the animation adaptation, Akane actually walks into the bedroom when the two of them have just finished with their bodily desires. This is one of the changes I really like in the animation, as it allows Akane to have more reasons to be such a huge bitch she in the VN, but her bitchiness is so toned down in the series that I just have to ask why was this change necessary? It was one of her defining traits to go from extremely happy to extremely cold, and then basically allowing her ice cold walls to break down and acting true to herself again.

Akane goes through a lot of shit, that’s given. Many do say that she goes the most shit of all characters, but I’m still giving that spot to Hayase and Takayuki. Most of misfortune has faces is not because of her, but this applies to all characters. However, she copes with the situation with immaturity and complete ignorance. She doesn’t see further than what the situation right in front of her. For her, everything has gone to hell and the only thing she wants is to return to those happy days. She was happy to see Takayuki and her sister in bliss, and for her that was best place to support both of them. With Hayase, this wouldn’t be the case.
Akane doesn’t see that things move, change and grow. Much like myself, she is afraid of change and yet she grows and changes in every scene we see her without her own will. When Akane gets sick, she can’t keep her cold act up much longer, when Takayuki takes her home. As much as she hates to admit it, she yearns for loving attention from him, even thou it would mean to betray her sister. Just as she deems Hayase’s numerous acts as something horrendous, she has wished to do the same acts as well. The only real difference is that Akane never had a possibility to be that One person to Takayuki. Her status in his life has always, and will always be, just a close friend.

After the events of Kimi ga Nozomu Eien Akane shows signs of returning to her old self, but with way more mature attitude than before. Losing Takayuki and Hayase again still haunt her, even thou Haruka is now awake and making fast recovery. She’s not over those events yet, and still clings to certain things that hold her back. She tries to contact Takayuki via phone, but he rejects her for the last time. Her fate to many things have shattered, and for her it’s hard to keep smiling as it is.

Then, a buffoon enters the scene, who brings much needed light in her dark days.

Yes, he calls forth a damn baseball super robo just like every healthy young man should

Really, sometimes it takes a complete awesome idiot who breaks barriers like the Spear of Longinus to allow people to believe in love again.
This one man forces Akane to break through her own barriers and habits. He allows her to smile and laugh again, do nonsensical things and follow your heart in the most romantic sense you can think of. After such a long time of having nothing but hardship, she can finally allow herself to move on and step from the eternity.

Overall, Alternative Akane is far more confident on herself

What we see in Muv-Luv is slightly different Akane. She has kept her happy-go-lucky, but it’s apparent she also is far more determined and grown in order to face the hardships a total war against BETA has caused. You could say that this Akane is what the KGNE/ Extra-verse Akane became after meeting with Gouda, but in this other world her sister and Hayase were always there. She most likely loved Takayuki just as much, but the rivalry between Haruka and Hayase is more than apparent, and things have played a lot differently. I’m sure Takayuki has been far more honest with himself in the Alternative universe, which is only a good thing.

A world doesn’t end with one love. It only ends when you give up on love itself.

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