Miyamoto, do you realize what your job is?

“The fact of the matter is that we are often asked ‘another Pikmin, another Mario, why won’t you come up with brand new ideas and franchises, et cetera, but… even though we are creating a new iteration for the existing franchise, we are always trying to make unique entertainment, and one way to do this is to take new technologies and apply that so that even the existing franchise will be able to provide you with a brand new experience.”

Miyamoto, I need to ask you this; is it NOT your job to make the product the people ask of you? We never did ask you to apply new technology in there nor brand new experiences. Games are not made to be experiences, games are mean to be played.

Applying new technology for games comes out naturally. Technology does not only mean physical inventions, but also ways to use existing tools. This evolution then gives room for the tool itself to be evolved. It was this kind of use that evolved the NES controller into the SNES controller.

Do we ask new games? Yes. Do we ask them to be something completely and utterly different? No. You do not want to find out that Mario has suddenly become a first person shooter in the next game where he shoots Russian spies in MI5. That’s not Mario. What we do ask is to expand them, add more content and refine what made the previous games so good. Adding 3D screen or a gimmick mechanic (like FLUDD from Super Mario Sunshine) doesn’t do that. Heck, moving into 3D didn’t do it for Mario, but returning to 2D did. Miyamoto, you have no saying what kind of game is good, it’s your gods’ job.

“Now that a lot of network technologies are evolving, games like [Zelda] Four Swords actually have great potential to evolve even further from now. Internally, we had continued debate as to the reason why Four Swords could not expand to the audience the way we really hoped it might have.

One of the dominant opinions as to the reasons why it didn’t sell was ‘Maybe people did not think that they could fully enjoy playing alone, they’d think that they’d need four players together to make the most of it.’ But I thought ‘No no, we should not think in that fashion at all. If we can really tell that the game itself is fun enough, but that there are obstacles to playing with other players, [then] we need to find out what [that obstacle] was really, and get rid of the kind of nuisances and disturbances.”

Miyamoto, do you know why the game didn’t sell? Because it was bad, it wasn’t what the customers wanted, and neither was Skyward Sword. You, as in Nintendo and not just you yourself, have no place to say if the game was fun in itself or not. The obstacles that need to be removed is YOU in order to get a game that the customers would appreciate.

Seeing this just makes me mad. Really mad. This kind of self-entitled circle jerking is just awful. I’d really love to go over the rest of the article and discuss on Wii U a bit, but this…. This just kicked in me in the nuts. Granted, I haven’t slept for 46h so I’m a little bit by the edge.

Miyamoto doesn’t need to come up any new ideas. His job is not to come up new ideas. Every idea that he needs is already there given by the customers, but he ignores them. He has done so since the SNES. Miyamoto’s job has always been to make good games. Before you can do that, or any other product, you need to listen to the customers. Clearly he doesn’t do that.

I just want to sleep and forget about video games for the next eight hours.

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