SONY wants to be the very best, like no one ever was

“We’ve never been first. We’ve never been cheapest. It’s about being the best,” Jack Tretton, president of Sony Computer Entertainment of America has said about Sony’s console practices.”

But dear SONY, you can’t be the best if you don’t have games. You can’t be the best if your console isn’t really a console. What you’re selling is a audiovisual multimedia system that happens to play games. Now you’re saying that you wish to push Nintendo, a company known for their games and nothing else, from the market? You don’t see anything wrong with this? Nintendo is pretty much the only company in the world that makes money on games, and everything else is a side project, and for the first time in thirty years found themselves on the red?

What are you going to prepare against Nintendo? Better hardware? PSP, PS3 and PSVita didn’t fare so well with their superior hardware. Funny how SONY saw more success when their hardware was not the best on the market. SONY, what you need is games, not hardware. At least Nintendo has games that people wish to buy. Hell, even my 360 library is bigger than my PS3, and I’ve been favouring the the latter more!

Now the linked article is pretty bad. It’s written by someone who clearly has higher regard on SONY than on other companies. The Dreamcast didn’t fail because it didn’t have a DVD player, it failed because SEGA didn’t know what they were doing with the Saturn. All problems that the Dreamcast had can be traced back to the Saturn, even the lack of games. Releasing console first has nothing to do with this, as you can see if you look back at the video game history. It doesn’t matter if you’re first there as long as you deliver. You just need to deliver quality and quantity in equal amounts.

See SONY, your fetish of having insanely high-end hardware (for consoles) will be you downfall, just like 3D was Nintendo’s. The PS3 sucked every penny SONY had made with the PSOne and PS2, and continues to lose money. SONY’s video game department has been on the red for a long time, and the company manages to stand with every other electronics sale they make. What they don’t understand that the people who truly appreciate hardware are with the computer crowd. What if SONY would start making computers dedicated for home media? And I do mean actual computers rather than consoles.

Actually, rather than reading me being astonished by SONY’s inability to recognize their weaknesses, go read The Ten Tear Decline of Sony. It’s an excellent read that I recommend even to those who don’t care about the industry, as it gives some insight to other industries in the sidelines as well.

I’m not happy to see SONY in this situation. They make good hardware, but far too excessive and something that we don’t really need.

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