25 years and this is how they celebrate it?

This is… This is shit. This is how it looks when people who don’t give a damn any more just do whatever they want to do without thinking anything properly through.

I mean, really? Mega Man crossing over with Street Fighter? This looks, feels and sounds like some fans Saturday project while completely drunk. Good God I’m happy that this is free. I wouldn’t pay a cent for this piece of crap.

Really CAPCOM? This is how little you think of your customers? It’s the 25 years of two of your most important franchises and what you do for them? A God forsaken 8-bit replica that crosses them both over? For crying out loud, get into your think skull that retro graphics do not sell Mega Man. Good level design, awesome music, tight controls and balances gameplay does. Mega Man 9 was interesting, but 10 was just bad decision all over. We do no need games like Mega Man X8 (which dear reader, is one of the most convoluted and pointless game in the franchise which doesn’t even respect where it comes from), but what we do need is more games like Mega Man 2 and Mega Man X. Not in how the play, but how they evolve the series.

They could’ve at least release a goddamn compilation again with slew of extras. I’m still holding a grudge over Mega Man Legends 3, even thou I completely understand the reasons for its cancellation. But this, this is an insult.

And Street Fighter. Dear Lord what the hell were they thinking while deciding to make Street Fighter characters into Robot Masters. I’m sure this was an idea that stemmed from somebody at CAPCOM making sprite hacks of Mega Man and some exec wanted to make a game out of it.

Imagine if CAPCOM had done a complete rehaul of the original Street Fighter and expanded the game from top to bottom? If they had gone back to basics and made a game called Street Fighter a complete game changer?

But Aalt, don’t take it so seriously, it’s a free game after all.
There is no such things as a free game. This game cost CAPCOM to develop. The sum might be smaller than any game they’ve made thus far, but it still took away money and manpower from actual game development. This takes away from making good games. This is a joke; a joke on both game franchises that have brought the most money to CAPCOM during their existence. No other franchise can even compare to this. They were not only good games to begin with, they were a phenomena that moulded pop-culture and left an impression that is still felt in the industry.

And to “celebrate” this we get a goddamn flash level crap?

I can’t even think straight. Having this and Rockman Xover is just- I want to punch a cow so hard that it explodes.

Just throw CAPCOM into the meat grinder already.

Takeru after seeing what Manami did to Takayuki

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