PSN Guilty Gear Accent Core+ still eluding Europe

Guilty Gear AC+ was released last week in North American region. Japan has had the game for some time now. Where’s Europe’s slice of this deal

Originally the game was supposed to appear on digital stores around the end of summer. Then it went by and nothing came. Then again, people do have a variety of opinions on when summer ends, so I didn’t give itmuch thought. However, a few months ago I grew impatient, and now that there’s no news on PAL region release, I’ve given up.

This is not good service.

I want to say that they lost a customer with this kind of inaction. When the PSN release was announced, fighting game community got excited, and now we Europeans are left out in the cold. Literally, if you take notice that it’s -18c outside now. I find it interesting that there are actually regions that were left without the game overall and the game’s director wanted to know if these regions would like to have the game.

Why do this kind of stupid children’s play with digital downloads? I see no reason to call digital distribution easier foranyone when things like this arefar too common. I see no reason of any sorts that would keep digital games from being released across the world at the same time. Yes, I know there are legal questions and all, but those are secondary questions and easily avoided with proper agreements.

If digital distribution is not any easier and far more reaching that physical store distribution, why bother? While it’s true that I could just open NA account and purchase NA PSN points, it defeats the purpose of having it digitally. Importing aphysical copy had its merits like the 60Hz NTCS instead of 50Hz PAL for an old example and simply getting better game optimization as in Devil May Cry 2’s case. With consoles nowadays, especially with the HD twins, there is no real reason to divide sales regions like this at all.

To be fair, I have bought few Japanese PSN releases. These games are games that would never see light in the west, but GGAC+ is clearly a game that sees a PSN release in Europe as well, right?

4 thoughts on “PSN Guilty Gear Accent Core+ still eluding Europe

    1. Toivottavasti jossain vaiheessa pääsetkin. Itseäni kyrsittää aivan järjettömästi se, että peli on teknisesti nyt päälle puoli vuotta myöhässä. PAL alueen julkaisusta ei myöskään ole minkäänlaista julkistettua tietoa, paitsi “haluaisimme julkaista sen.” ArcSys on pudottanut pallon tämän saralta totaalisesti, ja parannusta palveluun ei näillä näkymin ole tulossa. Odottelen jo parhaillaan uutista, jossa mainitaan ettei GG pelejä tule, koska ne eivät myy tarpeeksi. Eivät tietenkään myy, kun sitä ei julkaista kuin kahdella markkina-alueella. Peliä odotellessa sama kaiketi istua PS2’n/Wiin äärellä kavereiden kesken.

  1. Even more absurd is the fact that, at least in Spain, they have released it in xbox but not in psn. everyone has bought the game from the Japanese or american store, that’s why they won’t see benefits from reaching other systems or regions. It they want to know if people is interesred in the game they only have to release a demo and see how many people download it. What’s that “twitter me if you want the game” bullshit? Fuck them, fuck asw and fuck Sony.

    1. That’s what I find very disheartening. I’ve been meaning to mention that yes, it has been released on XBLA while the PSN has been ignored, but I never got a proper post out of it. I do agree that they’re too late with the PSN at this point. As you said, the region doesn’t really matter when it comes to PSN accounts (outside how you’re going to add points to the account) but I personally refuse to get either US or JPN version because this game should be already available on EUR PSN.

      A demo really isn’t enough, they need to push the latest revision out and advertise the hell out of it, and fix the netcode to boot. there might be problems with the publishing rights as well, as almost certain Guilty Gear games were released under a different labels, so I wouldn’t say that it’s completely impossible that because GGAC+ was published on PSP by PQube, so they may hold the publishing rights in general. I hope that GGAC+R will be released as a standalone title on the PSN.

      Guilty Gear as a whole has been really mismanaged, especially when it comes to Europe. It’s no wonder they claim that the series doesn’t sell when the customers can’t even buy it locally.

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