CAPCOM doesn’t get it #1

Every time CAPCOM celebrates Mega Man’s 25th anniversary during the following year, I’ll do a bit of analysing if they’re really celebrating, or just being dicks.

They have started the celebration by discounting all the 8-bit looking Mega Man games on the Nintendo’s Virtual Console. Great, now Japanese fans can buy these games all over again! Isn’t it great that CAPCOM manages to do one thing that doesn’t matter at all? How is discounting games that the aimed audience already owns at least three times over is going to do any good? Anyone who had interest to these games already owns them.

What would’ve been a good move would’ve been to make bundles. They could’ve made bundles out of this, and attached the DLC for 9 and 10. That would’ve felt like celebration.

But oh, it doesn’t stop there! CAPCOM’s bringing Mega Man 1-6 to 3DS’ eShop in NA! The first one’s going to be put out on 27th, and the rest next year. That’s another load of big ol’ Fuck You from CAPCOM right there.

So yeah, not only one part of the celebration is Japan only, but the other one is tied to one console that’s generally speaking bombing. Great going there CACPCOM, I can’t wait how you’re intending to honour this dead franchise next.

CAPCOM seems to think that they will make most money on old 8-bit Mega Man. There’s some truth in there, but this is about fifth time in a relatively short time that they’re pushing these out. Much like Nintendo is trying to capture the lightning in a bottle with New Mario WiiU, CAPCOM’s attempts to grasp the 8-bit crowd is juvenile and shows that they don’t understand what’s going on. The day Mega Man lost its relevancy was when it stopped trying to rework itself, when the games started to become too much the same but without any worthwhile additions with Mega Man 5. The game had the right heart and spirit, but everything else was off. The stages were the same thing over and over again. The same thing can be applied to Mega Man 4 as well. X-series changed things, and the Legends series was an interesting experiment. Personally, I do love the series, but it doesn’t sell because it’s not a Mega Man game.

It’s clear that CAPCOM is delusional that this is what the customers want, the same old Mega man over and over again, and enact thisin most literal sense they can think of. Creating a new Mega Man game seems to be something that’s not an option of any sorts. I would mean that they’d need to invest money, manpower and time into something that the execs and developers don’t seem to value, whereas we, the customers, have been waiting for the next big Mega Man game. It’s sad to think that Mega Man X was the latest, or last depending on your bitterness, big thing to happen to Mega Man games. Zero series basically put the gun on the franchise’s head by embracing the Nintendo Hard myth, and pulled the trigger with Mega Man 9. Battle Network was an entity of its own, a massive juggernaut that swept like a storm, but it too fell victim to CAPCOM’s views on how to handle Mega Man.

There’s a saying around here that goes something along the lines of Same shit in a different package. Modern Mega Man reflects this the worst possible way.

Speaking of Mega Man X Street Fighter, here’s a quote from a happy customer;

– It’s made in GameMaker.
– First, the game crashes with a StackHash error instantly after I pass through the boss door. I’m running it on Windows 7 64 bit and this error happens every single time, meaning I can’t beat even a single stage.
– Multiple people report slowdowns.
– There’s no obvious way to configure controls.
– GameMaker.
– The software forces display mode of High Color (16 bit) as opposed to True Color (32 bit) and does not put it back in order. This is unacceptable in 2012.
– Hit recoil is wrong. When you get shot in the back, you still recoil backwards from where you’re looking at which isn’t how it worked in real Mega Man games.
– Vertical hitbox for small energy pellet is as big as for a large pellet.
– Practically every enemy on screen can be killed with just one charged shot which does not bode well for the usability of additional weapons.
– Finally, there are some interesting gimmicks here and there but mostly level design is flat, faulty and quite frankly, too easy. Can’t say anything about bosses as they simply do not load for me.
– People’ve been reporting there’s no save system.
– Made in GameMaker.

Just… just find a MediaFire link. Please. That, or go play Rokko-Chan, which is actually a good game on its own merits as well. Actually, forget MMxSF, just go play Rokko.

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