CAPCOM doesn’t get it #2.5

As this isn’t really Mega Man celebration, but close enough to be put under this label. So, what I’m talking about is that CAPCOM wants your input what would you like to have as a digital download.

There’s version 1.2 already out, but in version 1.0 they made clear that this survey isn’t going to do anything. It takes ten minutes to do, and the region selection basically lumps most of the world in one selection number two, saying that if you live there, you don’t matter.

The thing this survey shows is that CAPCOM thinks that digital distribution is completely different from traditional distribution. While they certainly are different things, but overall the distinction they’re making is really weird. How digital distribution isn’t retail, just digital retail?

Let’s get this over fast. Basically the survey is asking what kind of game would you like, how much money you have to spend and what platforms you own. But here’s the thing; they ask if Mega Man was one of your favourite franchises. This is highly important. During the last two years CAPCOM has got more than enough bad press on how Mega Man has been handled, and now they’re asking if we’d like to have a Mega Man game. The thing is that CAPCOM is trying to use sloppy tactics to basically get a decision whether or not to release digital Mega Man games.

I’m recommending everyone to tell CAPCOM that no, you do not want digital ports or releases. This survey basically tells that CAPCOM doesn’t know what to do with old franchises. Their brand management is in shambles and nobody has no idea to what direction to take each series. By saying that you’d like to get digital downloads of said series basically signs that they’re free to release these game again on modern platforms without any effort. I wish there was an option to say Release a compilation on physical disc at least. No, scratch that. Do your damn job and make new games that we’d like to play works the best.

This is a stupid survey. If I’m honest, CAPCOM won’t do anything, and if I’m dishonest they’ll just release old games on digital stores. Again. Why do they even need input whether or not release old games on digital distribution? It’s nothing from them. Asking if we’d love to get a new, properly developed game would be the right option from their part.

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