Sometimes just ten minutes is enough

My mother’s faithful computer that we bought for five euros some two years ago finally went dead. Sure, it was built from old parts and was beyond due date some month after use, but it just kept rollin’ and rollin’ and rollin’… until yesterday when the motherboard went all bonkers.

So we went into a local gigantic electronics store that had a decent Packard Bell laptop for 333€. Sounds decent for your normal everyday machine that isn’t meant to run anything more powerful that Word or Fallout 2. Fallout 1 didn’t want to run, because it’s a 64-bit Windows 8.

And dear readers, Windows 8 is pretty bad. After the initial ten minutes I had enough of it. It’s clunky and slow even after you learn how to use effectively. It’s not pretty to look at, the panel layout that you need to use to an extent is just an unfriendly interface even with a touch screen function. Sure, Win8 has much lighter core but that doesn’t help when it’s garbage. It’s horrible design from ground up.

No wonder it’s less popular than Vista.

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