Sony’s next PlayStation will be… a home entertainment system?

Now this is just hilarious if true. Ever since consoles have been able to play music CDs, they’ve been a step closer to a home media centre. PS2 was a step closer to this with DVD playback, and the 360 and PS3 are nothing but home entertainment gadgets that also happen to play games. Funny thing is that PSX is a home entertainment system already, so SONY’s basically just taking an old mould that never took off and tries to rebrand it with new bells and whistles.

And you thought I was talking about the PSOne, weren't you?
And you thought I was talking about the PSOne, weren’t you?

For the sake of Southern Cross, if this is true then SONY’s in deep trouble. You don’t bring anything new to the table by changing the hardware, you make the difference with software.

SONY also seems to think that it’s 2008, when Facebook was the biggest hit on the Internet. Sharing in-game pictures and video among your friends adds nothing to the game or gameplay. The more SONY tries to implement these elements into the console, the further away they manage to put themselves in regards of what customers are seeking.

Why is it so hard to make a game console a damn game console? Taking away all this excess bloat of various kinds of media players and everything else that has no impact on the game part of a game console would mean that your console would be cheaper, which would also lead into more sales, which would lead into more revenue. Of course you need some good games to support the machine, in which SONY itself fails at.

Then the rumoured control methods. PlayStation Move and Kinect failed because both of them lacked good games that used them to their full extent, and because both SONY and MS missed what made the Wii a hit. Hint; it wasn’t the controls, it was games that used the controls. Making a game based around jumping like a monkey on LSD and waving your wand around like a mental patient never yielded good gameplay.

All of this is so stupid. I’m expecting the worst when SONY reveals PS4 information later this month. I wish they’d call it the PSXMk2 and the real revelation is that they continue to support the PS3 another five years.

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